Soil Pipe Humberside

Soil Pipe Humberside

Our soil pipe and fittings are manufactured in the UK and distributed nationwide through our delivery service or trade counters. Our soil range meets all current regulations and British Standards.

This product is stocked in a push fit or solvent welded range. Our solvent welded range can be supplied in either Black or Grey, with Black, Grey, White and Cast Iron Effect available as push fit. Our push fit system is manufactured from polypropylene, with ABS being used for the solvent system.
Both systems have a smooth internal and external finish, with a gloss sheen finish in all colours. Our soil pipe and fittings are easy to install and are extremely tough and durable, whilst maintaining a lightweight property.

Our solvent and push fit products comply with current European Standards. We stock a huge selection of gutter pipe and fittings, and our soil system can be supplied to colour match this product. Both the above systems have a high temperature tolerance, with a maximum running temperature of 75 degrees celsius. Higher temperatures can be withstood, however these temperatures should only be sustained in small bursts.

These products are ideal for domestic and commercial installations, when taking the above factors in to consideration.

Soil pipe and systems should always be built from the ground level upwards, and contain adequate bracketing. Bracketing and supports should be positioned every 1.8m – 2.0m, with consideration for expansion a must. On push fit installations, silican or other forms of lubrication should be used