PVC Pipe Humberside

PVC Pipe Humberside

Our PVC pipe is lightweight, durable and greatly economical. Being one of the most cost- effective solutions for pipework, it has become the industry standard for potable water systems with many applications in numerous industry sectors.

PVC piping rose to popularity over traditional metal pipe framework because of its non-corrosive properties, and due to its smooth internal bore, you will not face a build-up of lime scale within the pipework. PVC pipe weighs a fraction of its metal counterparts (a sixth of the weight of Steel), because of this it is much easier to transport and install.

PVC pipe is used most commonly for potable water systems, small domestic systems and large commercial systems i.e. hotels and hospitals. It is desired for any water system which utilises mechanical pumping, as it can tolerate great internal pressure. The pressure ratings are as follows: up to 63mm - PN25 and 25mm to 160mm - PN16.

PVC pipe relies on solvent welding for joining, this means the strength of the joint will always be equal to or greater than the pipe itself. There are no specialist tools involved in this process only basic H&S work wear, which helps with installation by decreasing the time needed.

This material has an optimal temperature range of 5°c to 90°c, available in sizes of 20mm up to 160mm. If you would like to know more about the technical specifications of this product or similar products available, please contact the number listed below.