PVC Pipe Fittings Humberside

PVC Pipe Fittings Humberside

PVC pipe fittings are durable, easy to install and non-corrosive. It is ideal for water systems; commonly used in commercial buildings and in industrial materials due to its biologically and chemically resistant nature. PVC is usually low maintenance as it isn’t vulnerable to limescale build up. It has reached the status of the most popular piping material on the planet for new construction projects.

PVC pipe fittings take advantage of a solvent welding system, this makes bonding fittings to pipework quick and easy. Solvent welding is both practical and inexpensive when compared to metal piping which takes a great deal of tools and carries the risk of fire and leakage.

This material is designed to withhold a great range of temperatures starting from 5°c all the way to 70°c with a pressure rating of PN25 up to 63mm and PN16 on pipework with a diameter of 25mm to 160mm. The diameter of pipe fittings available start at 20mm up to 160mm, this is the internal bore diameter.

PVC fittings are cost effective when compared to copper, being only a fraction of the cost, saving you both time and money as a result of speedy installation.

If you would like more in depth information about PVC as a pipework material including technical specifications, if you give us a call on the number listed below, one of our operatives will be able to answer any question you might have.