Polypropylene Pipe Humberside

Polypropylene Pipe Humberside

Our polypropylene pipe is specifically aimed at applications within the industrial processing industry. This is due to its ability to withstand most hazardous substances, at a greater temperature than other materials.

Polypropylene is one of the few materials which can tolerate both acids and alkalis; because of this you are less likely to use this material for domestic purposes. Common applications include: the pharmaceutical industry, industrial waste treatment and chemical processing.

Polypropylene pipe has a temperature rating from 0°c to 100°c, with a pressure rating of PN6 to PN10. Polypropylene is bonded using socket, butt or electro fusion methods. This is a process where built-in electric heating elements melt inside the fitting. This welds the pieces together and forms a fantastically strong joint.

Polypropylene, when compared to PVC, is a much safer and environmentally friendly material. In terms of manufacturing, it contributes less to greenhouse gases and contains no carcinogens. It is entirely recyclable and non-toxic.

Polypropylene is virtually unbreakable in pipework installations, with an extremely high impact resistance. This system cannot be cannot be glued or solvent welded, only heat welding or thermal fusion is suitable.

If you would like to know more about the technical specifications of this material, other applications or further questions, please contact us on the number listed. Our operators will be happy to help with all enquiries.