Plastic Pipe Fittings Humberside

Plastic Pipe Fittings Humberside

We stock a large range of plastic pipe fittings to complement our industrial pipe products. Stocked items include PVC, ABS, Polypropylene and Polyethylene. A full range of accessories including solvents, adhesives, brackets, screwed rod, brushes and cleaning fluid are available.

The PVC pipe and fittings range is ideal for use in domestic hot and cold water systems. This system is extremely economical when compared to copper installations, when material cost and installation times are factored. Our PVC system has a50 year design life and is resistant to corrosion or lime scale.

ABS pipe and fittings combine durability, corrosion resistance and economic advantages to deliver outstanding benefits for low temperature fluid distribution. ABS pipework and fittings are solvent welded and are available in metric and imperial sizes. This system is ideal for environments where a wide temperature range is possible, withstanding temperatures as low as -40 Degrees Celsius.

Polypropylene pipe and fittings are able to withstand the most hazardous and concentrated chemicals at high temperatures. This system has fantastic resistance to high strength acids and alkalis, along with a high impact tolerance. This product is perfect for fluid systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

We stock many more pipework systems including a twin walled range for transportation of fuel or high cost chemicals. A range of plastic pipe fittings and pipe are also stocked with built in insulation. For any further information on our pipe and plastic pipe fittings, please contact our customer services department on the number above.