ABS Pipe Humberside

ABS Pipe Humberside

ABS pipe is lightweight, non-corrosive, affordable and extremely durable. It has a great many applications within the manufacturing industry. Most commonly used for cold, potable, low temperature and de-mineralised water systems. This is far superior to copper, as it does not corrode and bears half the weight of traditional copper pipes.

We stock ABS pipe in both imperial and metric sizes, from 16mm to 315mm and ⅜” to 8”. This system has a temperature range from -40°c to 70°c. ABS pipe is fully solvent welded,
this makes it both easy to install and low maintenance. Solvent welding is secure and simple; meaning you will not have to worry about leaking for the entire life of the product.

ABS Pipe has low thermal conductivity, meaning it significantly reduces both heat loss and gain. This will over time decrease your insulation costs tenfold. ABS is incredibly durable when
compared to most metals and other plastics, and has phenomenal impact resistance due to the butadiene constituent within its chemical composition.

Within our ABS pipe, you have a remarkably smooth bore due to the injection moulding process during manufacture. This significantly reduces friction, in conjunction with the non-corrosive properties of the material, you will never experience scale formation.

As previously mentioned, this piping material is approximately half the weight of copper and roughly 1/6th the weight of its steel counterpart. Its lightweight properties ensure it is handy for
quick installation and transportation. In addition, this piping is designed to reduce the “rumbling” noise of pipework systems.

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