ABS Pipe Fittings Humberside

ABS Pipe Fittings Humberside

Our ABS pipe fittings range are economical, durable and simple to install. They are most commonly used in conjunction with pipes for water system installations. ABS as a material, is particularly tough even when compared to similar plastics and metals used for the same purpose. It is manufactured for great impact resistance, which significantly reduces maintenance over time.

ABS Fittings are known for their ease of installation and bonding, due to solvent welding. This approach is both incredibly simple and practical; it also provides an integral and leak proof joint. Solvent welding cuts installation time by tenfold when compared to traditional pipework installation.

ABS fittings can be used at a diverse range of temperatures, from -40°c up to 70°c, making it ideal for applications for refrigeration and cold water systems. In addition, this material boasts low thermal conductivity, meaning it will remain at optimal temperature without significant loss or gain.

ABS fittings are corrosion resistant unlike traditional steel piping, as they have a perfectly smooth internal bore. You will never experience unwanted scale build up within your systems infrastructure.

This system requires cleaning with a MEK solution prior to solvent welding. This removes any dirt and grease, improving the strength of the welds. A good solvent weld is stronger than the actual pipework itself.

A full range of accessories including cleaner, solvent glue, brackets, screwed rod and cloths are stocked. Please call our offices for further information.